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Wetsuit Spray on Membrane

Project Location : Gold Coast, Queensland.

WetSuit® waterproofing of an 800sqm shopping centre rooftop

The CIW Remedial team were called to the roof of a Gold Coast shopping centre to waterproof an 800sqm podium rooftop over an existing acrylic membrane and tiled area. The application of a top quality waterproof membrane was to offer a twenty year warranty period and have minimum impact to the function and operation of the shopping centre and hotel. The work was to be completed in a timely manner, be cost effective, fuss-free, efficient and applied to last.

We had the perfect solution to meet the specific needs of our client. The Code Market Approved WetSuit® system comprises a range of environmental and budget-friendly features.

WetSuit® liquid membrane is a fully self-adhered, cold spray applied, self-flashing membrane. It can be sprayed into any millimetre thickness in a single pass and offers a host of benefits.

Benefits of the WetSuit® system

In a case like this, the existing failed membrane of the roof would typically take time and intense manual labour to remove. It is expensive and messy. WetSuit® can be applied over existing surfaces, thus eliminating the time and expense of removal and disposal.

Following waterblasting this versatile system is suitable for application over most substrates and surface finishes including: Concrete, plywood, metal roofing, Butynol, EDPM, Torch on membrane, TPO membrane, block walls and fibre cement sheeting.

Extremely important for a waterproofing application of this nature is that WetSuit® is UV stable, fire and flame resistant, puncture and impact resistant, and has been tested for Australian conditions.

In answer to ensuring a timely completion of this project, the system’s 2 Part surface cures in 5 to 10 seconds and is rain resistant immediately.

Additional Features


Available in Grey or Black, or customised with any colour elastomeric paint.


Australian Government CodeMark Certification


Potable Water certified


Proven air and vapor barrier


Seamless. No Laps, no joins


No Solvents and no VOC’s


Can be elongated to 1600% of its finished size

WetSuit® system has a life expectancy of 20+ years, depending on the type of application.

Thanks to the expert application by our team, we have the utmost confidence in the 20yr warranty.

Another great success story. Our strict quality control monitoring and CodeMark requirements before, during and after application ensures a perfect result for this, and every client

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