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Reservoir & Tank Remediation

Correctly built concrete water tanks and reservoirs can last for over 25 years.

Although, concrete reservoirs & water tanks can need repairing due to:

1. Cracking due to movement
2. Concrete deterioration, concrete cancer and reinforcing steel failure
3. Construction and expansion joint failure
Typically, most leaking issues can be rectified using good quality building techniques in conjunction with the latest repair product. See repair recommendations below.

Cracking due to movement

Generally, cracks that form in both the concrete walls and floor tend to be non- static or have some form of regular movement.
In this case, we recommend that the joints are either chemically injected with a flexible polyurethane injection grout similar to Neoferma X-Gel 3000 or alternatively if access is available to the inside of the tank then the cracks can be easily repaired with a Visco Elastic repair band like Sealtaq Universal band.

Concrete deterioration, concrete cancer and reinforcing steel failure

This type of repair if left unchecked can become a major problem an in-fact can potentially lead to the tank being full demolished.

If the repairs are commenced early enough a simple concrete cancer repair comprising of removal of the damaged surface of the concrete, any effected reinforcing steel is then replaced and the concrete is reconstructed with a high strength non shrink repair.

After the repair is complete a suitable membrane system like Wetsuit rubber membrane or Elastoclad cementitious membrane is applied internally to extend the life of the tank.

Construction and expansion joint failure

Flexible liquid applied sealants have typically been the, go-to repair method for rectifying leaking expansion joints in concrete. In recent years the advancement in sealant technologies is providing very high-quality sealant systems for a variety of joint applications.

One of the weak points in this type of repair is not the sealant, but the bond between the sealant and the concrete structure. Usually, the failure point is due to bond failure, incorrect application or product selection.

High-quality rubber compression gaskets like Neoferma compression gaskets are now being used as a repair alternative as these type of systems do not rely on a bonding primer to achieve a watertight connection. Compression gaskets are held tight in position via the internal design of the gasket which introduces a side wall expansion effectively forcing a tight joint seal.

Gasket seals like Neoferma compression gasket have life expectancy of up to 50 years.

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