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Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos represents a major threat for the public health. Despite all the works of asbestos removal, asbestos is still present in lots of workplaces and storages as roof cover or insulation of pipes.

As this asbestos has to remain untouched and undisturbed, these are often installations that are no more maintained and are degrading quickly.

The degradation may create an additional threat to pubic health as the exposure of those roofs and insulation to the elements may be sufficient to release fibers in the atmosphere.

Asbestos encapsulation is the solution to this problem. The encapsulation doesn’t require any removal, transport, passivation and disposal of asbestos with all the cost associated. This technic consists in encapsulating the asbestos with a protective layer that will isolate it from the elements and any accidental perturbation, thus preventing any risk of release of fiber in the atmosphere.

The protective layer must have good characteristics of water tightness and resistance, good adhesion to the asbestos and resistance to puncture. Furthermore, this product must be applied with the minimum mechanical impact on the asbestos to avoid any release of fiber during installation as most of the asbestos roof or insulation are in a state of advance fragility.

The Wetsuit® products are fully performing according to the needed characteristics to be an ideal asbestos encapsulating layer. Its durability for more than 20 years, its superior adhesion to most of the substrates, its high resistance to puncture, its elongation and crack bridging ability and its resistance to tearing makes this product an ideal candidate to Asbestos encapsulation nearly all the conditions that could be met onsite.
The performances of Wetsuit® make it an ideal candidate for asbestos encapsulation. Its speed of application and reliability allow for cheaper asbestos protection projects and will bring asbestos solution at the reach of Body Corporates, small and medium enterprise as well as administrations.

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