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Failed Membranes


Failed Membrane repairs often involve intense manual labour: removing the old membrane, disposing of it correctly, and then applying the new membrane on a dry substrate. Membrane repairs can take weeks, often at great cost to both the owner and the businesses disrupted by the work.

Fortunately CIW REMEDIAL has the perfect solution to the above and that solution is using the Code Marked Approved WetSuit® System that consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions that meet specific roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier requirements. All of our fluid applied, seamless membranes are water based, cold applied, have no VOC’s, are Class A fire rated, and have self-extinguishing capabilities.

The WetSuit® liquid membrane is a fully self-adhered, cold spray applied, self-flashing membrane with a wide variety of uses for virtually all above and below grade applications.

It can be sprayed to any mil thickness in a single pass thus creating a truly custom and precise membrane allowing unparalleled architectural freedom and ease of application.

FM testing proved to put The WetSuit® in a class of its own. It is one of a select few materials on the market with a Class A fire rating, severe hail resistance, 2124% elongation and a wind uplift of Class 1-990! In addition, The WetSuit® is proven as a viable air and vapor barrier.

With very low perms, The WetSuit® can be employed not only in below grade applications and roofing, but in between as a seamless, fluid applied vapor barrier as well.

Because WetSuit® is so lightweight and with excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces, the need to tear off existing roofs is most often eliminated, greatly reducing installation costs and environmental impact. Surface preparation is generally limited to pressure washing the old roof to provide a clean surface for WetSuit® to adhere to.

Utilising only one applicator, WetSuit® can be installed at a fast and efficient rate of 140 sq metres per hour, reducing crew size and job time.

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