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Crack Injection


Concrete Crack Repair

Polyurethane crack injection is specialized system designed for the Repair of water caused cracks to concrete sub-basement walls, floors, and suspended slabs, above ground pools, water tanks, retain walls and driveways.

Using water activated expanding grout and specialized pumps, we can stop a multitude of different leaks for minor spot leaks to entire sub ground basements.

This can be done with no damage to existing concrete structure. Once treated, the result is a dry, clean, water and stain free finish.

polyurethane crack injection on concrete wall
basement water pooling due to concrete cracking
concrete crack injection treatment
concrete crack injection treatment
sealing wall pipes

Wall Penetrations and Leaking Wall Cracks

Wall cracks and pipe penetrations are a common cause of leaks. CIW Remedial specialises in long lasting sealing and remediation of these leaks.

Need concrete cracks or leaks repaired?

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