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Lake Moondarra

Mt Isa - Dam repair



To reduce the losses of water from the Lake via the dam wall.


The Lake loses between approximately 5,000,000 litres and 8,000,000 litres of water per day depending on the water level. This is monitored on a daily basis.

Water has to be pumped from another source one hundred and twenty kilometres away to repleace the losses. The cost of pumping per day is an additional factor.

The cost of the lost water is approximately AU$ 4,000.00 per day.

Horizontal Crack


Rebuild joints and cracked / spalled concrete. Insert Neoferma Neojoint – Neoferma gasket backed by Bentonite.

Preparing Joint

Inserting Neojoint


Estimated project length 12 weeks.


Crack joint rebuilt and joint repair & installation completed 3 weeks.


9 weeks loss of water.

Water losses at this stage reduced by 4,000,000 litres approximately per day.

Savings in cost of water loss over A$3,000.00 per day (estimated at 80c per kl.) plus pumping costs.

Nine weeks ahead of schedule equates to a saving of over A$200,000

Horizontal Crack
Joint Repaired