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Urgent Rooftop Membrane Spray Application with CIW Remedial

Project : Replace roof membrane on Sydney apartment building 

Rooftop membrane spray to the rescue! CIW Remedial was called to urgently fix a residential apartment roof membrane in Arncliffe, Sydney. The roof was leaking allowing damaging moisture into the building and as a result, extreme discomfort and unsightly mould was causing distress to residents.

In days gone by, removing failed membranes in commercial and residential roof fixtures was a big job. Typically it would involve intense manual labour to remove the old membrane, dispose of it correctly, prepare a dry substrate and painstakingly apply the new membrane.

We’re pleased to offer more timely, cost-effective and efficient waterproofing solutions to our customers particularly in cases like this where the matter requires urgent attention, fast rectification and minimal disruption.

Modern rooftop membrane spray and waterproofing

Thanks to swift technology and CIW keeping their finger on the pulse of the construction waterproofing industry, membrane repairs that could often take weeks at great cost and disruption to building owners, can now be repaired quickly and effectively as a matter of urgency.

Benefits of Neoprene remedial waterproof rooftop spray

CIW was able to attend the urgent works and apply Neoprene remedial waterproof rooftop spray with fast and effective results.

This innovative spray membrane offers a multitude of benefits including:


Lightweight material with excellent adhesive properties

Because it adheres to most roof surfaces, it usually eliminates the need to tear off existing roofs and dispose of old membranes. This has a positive environmental impact and greatly reduces labour and installation costs.


Features a simple cold spray applied production and hose mounted cart

This ergonomic design allows for easy access to difficult and hard to reach areas. Such flexibility ensures the spray membrane is much quicker and easier to install.


Can be sprayed to any millimeter thickness in a single pass

Precision installation enables us to seamlessly create a truly custom and perfect membrane. This ease of application allows for unparalleled architectural freedom.

While each application may differ from residential to commercial settings, there are few buildings that wouldn’t benefit from CIW Remedial’s quick installation sprays.

In this instance it was certainly quintessential for the Arncliffe project, providing cost-effective, lasting and optimal results in minimal time.

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