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Roof Membrane Innovation from CIW Remedial

CIW Remedial has been at the forefront of the waterproofing and speciality concrete repairs and services industry for over 20 years. A wealth of experience in producing high-quality remedial outcomes, CIW is the leading remedial services partner company to Neoferma – Suppliers of some of the most innovative waterproofing products on the market.

QLD based Neoferma has been instrumental in the design, production and distribution of concrete waterproofing products to the building and construction industry in Australia for more than 34 years. A recognised leader in the waterproofing sector, they supply an extensive catalogue of solutions and services with new innovations coming to market regularly.

Concrete Waterproofing with Neoferma Solutions

Concrete waterproofing is designed to combat premature degradation. The industry-standard building technique aims to effectively prevent cracking, flaking and staining in concrete structures, thereby promoting excellent, long-lasting performance.
CIW Remedial’s reputation and longevity in the waterproofing sector has gained the loyalty and trust of major industry specifiers. Employing the expertise of our own product development team at CIW Remedial, a systematic approach to existing issues in waterproofing as been adopted to determine the most relevant and best-performing waterproofing solutions for various unique projects.

One of CIW Remedial’s highest performing products includes the Code Mark Approved Spray which consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions that meet specific roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier requirements.

Winning features of CIW Remedial Code Mark Approved Spray

Thanks to the introduction of waterproofing sprays, efficient application and lasting rectification is now a much cleaner, faster and cost-effective process.

Australian Gov’t Code Mark Certification


Puncture and Impact resistant


Fire and Flame resistant


Suitable for asbestos encapsulation


Contains NO Solvents and NO VOC’s

The product can be applied over existing surfaces, thus eliminating the time and expense of removal and disposal.

This versatile system is suitable for application over most substrates and surface finishes including: Concrete, plywood, metal roofing, Butynol, EDPM, Torch on membrane, TPO membrane, block walls and fibre cement sheeting.

A Leading Duo in waterproofing

CIW Remedial and Neoferma as market leaders and seasoned professionals have the expertise, and know how to find the perfect solution, despite the complexity of your project.

Contact CIW Remedial today to discuss their range of waterproofing sprays and other versatile waterproofing solutions.

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