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Basement Secant Pile Walls Project with Neoferma and CIW Remedial

Photo 1. Showing the completed application of Westox FCM membrane and Neoferma X-Seal 600 Hydrophilic Mastic to the upper slab / pile junction.

Photo 2. Showing Neoferma X-Seal 600 Hydrophilic Mastic providing a water tight seal to the reinforcing bar to stop water tracking.

Neoferma Australia provides specialist products under their remedial solution company CIW Remedial. CIW Remedial products and services are able to solve waterproofing conundrums that other contractors may fail to resolve.

In this instance Ron Hudd Building Services teamed up with Neoferma’s Technical Consultant to provide the product and design solution.



A major Australian building company is constructing a large high rise residential project in a riverside city suburb of Brisbane. The design called for a three level car parking basement under the water table constructed using the secant pile basement wall system.


The secant walls exhibited a number of problems to overcome in order to achieve a fully dry and waterproof basement, as required by the builder.

The gaps between the piles varied in width and often leaked, ingresses from above only served to exacerbate the problem.

The piles themselves were very rough and there was a great deal of loose laitance.
There was a strict requirement for vehicle turning space which obviated any application of a thick wall or other conventional waterproofing solution.

The floor slabs were already poured in place and the cold joints between the slabs and the secant piles were found to not be waterproof.
Ron Hudd Building Services, were called on by the builder after several other attempts by contractors failed to solve the problem.



The basement was waterproofed using a negative side system specified by CIW Remedial, consisting of a shotcrete infill between the piles with vertical Jointstop waterstops to compartmentalise the structure & protect the reinforcing steel. The whole area was then coated with two coats of Westox Cementitious FMI+MCI membrane and shotcrete to a depth of 75mm over the waterproofing to form an integral system solution. The shotcrete was carried out by Team Rock Anchors.

Photo 3. CIW Remedial Jointstop BR self-adhesive waterstop installed as a vertical barrier to provide compartmentalised sections to the wall.

Photo 4. Showing good density to spray concrete wall from Team Rock Anchors.



The builder said… “Problem solved on time, on budget and with minimal project disruption. The brief called for minimum loss of turning space within each of the basement levels which was successfully achieved. The finish is fantastic and the developer is very impressed”.

RHBS CEO Dave Hudd said “this was a complex job with sometimes unknown variables which called for diligence and innovation from my team plus valuable contributions from our material supply partners, Neoferma Australia, CIW Remedial and our shotcreting partners, Team Rock Anchors”.

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