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A Warm Welcome From Across The Ditch.

The team from Neptune Pacific recently spent the week on the Gold Coast with CIW Remedial. The week was spent honing the skills needed to expertly apply the WetSuit® spray-on membrane across many substrates.

It was a great experience for all involved. Thanks Alan, Jin and Brad.

CodeMark approved WetSuit®, the environmentally friendly, multi-purpose liquid waterproofing membrane that achieves a final set within 10 seconds.
WetSuit® is versatile across a broad spectrum of uses; from extending the life of a roof, to creating seamless, fluid applied air or vapour barriers. This renders WetSuit® particularly useful for encapsulating asbestos roofing away from building occupants in a safe and protective envelope.
The WetSuit® System offers five unique solutions to undertake some of the most complex repair and waterproofing projects.

1. WetSuit® 2 Parts

Perfect for virtually all above and below grade applications for a truly custom and precise membrane

2. WetSuit® 1 Part

Can be spray, brush or roll applied, ideal for roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier applications.

3. Invisilink™ Reinforcing fabric

Lightweight yet incredibly durable, tear resistant seam fabric to reinforce joints, cracks or seams.

4. WetSuit® Undercover

Used primarily in conjunction with Invisilink as a detail product.

5. WetSuit® PrimeMate

Designed as a primer for various single-ply membranes, it has the ability to ‘breathe,’ providing a completely watertight membrane while simultaneously enabling trapped moisture to escape.
All applications are water-based, self-adhering, cold spray applied, self-flashing and can be sprayed into any millimetre thickness in a single pass.

WetSuit® is a supremely versatile product; precise in its rectification capabilities and very easy to apply.

The membrane’s versatility and ease of use is matched only by its impressive durability. It is one few materials on the market that has a Class A self-extinguishing fire rating, is nearly impregnable to hail, and offers 1600% elongation and a wind uplift of Class 1-990. These characteristics make the system extremely safe, greatly reducing the risk of job hazards.
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